Friday, July 21, 2017

One more drink won't hurt, Co-dependents

One more drink won't hurt. I Hear that all the time! The last time that my first husband said this, it  didn't only hurt him, it killed him.  My late brother said the same thing,his live busted and he died. So many say the same thing. Their families don't believe,and when the inevitable happens, they have no one to blame but themselves. A person who is taking medicine, who has compulsive behavior, is bi-polar,was a drug addict. has hepatitis C,  cannot drink at all. Especially if they become violent. Siblings have to understand, that making their relative happy, does not mean, that they can give him everything he wants!
Only the person who lives with the alcoholic, knows what is going on.
The alcoholic can be the perfect  husband, person when he is sober but once he mixes alcohol and medicine, the brain had bad reactions, and someone will get hurt.
I will continue on this subject to better inform those who don't yet realize what alcoholics, and/or substance abusers can do. Families become Co-dependents.

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